Saturday, April 23, 2011

Act of Treason by Vince Flynn 2011 - 23

Completed April 2011

Tom Clancy fans who have not yet discovered bestseller Flynn (Consent to Kill) and his maverick, do-whatever-it-takes hero, CIA operative Mitch Rapp, will find this page-turner right up their alley. When an al-Qaeda–style bomb attack on the motorcade of the Democratic presidential candidate, Georgia governor Josh Alexander, in Washington, D.C., a month before the November election kills the candidate's wife and several Secret Service agents, Rapp uses all the tools at his disposal to investigate the claim of the now discredited head of the protective detail that a mysterious figure in a red baseball cap set off the fatal bomb. Rapp soon finds that the motive for the outrage may be personal rather than political. While the underlying plot elements require a great deal of suspended disbelief, Flynn will pull most readers along with his taut writing and plausible vision of the real work of the intelligence community. Author tour. (Oct.)

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My Review:  This was a great book.  The subject matter was very intriguing and the storyline kept the reader wondering.  I really liked our "hero" Mitch Rapp and his attitude.  I look forward to reading more by Vince Flynn.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nowhere to Run by Mary Jane Clark 2011 - 22

Completed April 2011

Botulism, anthrax, smallpox, plague. As the medical producer for television's highly rated morning news program Key to America, Annabelle Murphy makes her living explaining horrific conditions to the nation. So when a colleague dies with symptoms terrifyingly similar to those of the latest scourge, she knows the panic spreading through the corridors of the Broadcast Center is justified. As one death follows another, Annabelle's coworkers look to her for assurance, but she finds it hard to give comfort. To her, the circumstances of the infections begin to suggest that they may be diabolical murders. And when the authorities lock down the Broadcast Center with the identity of the killer still unknown, no one can be sure who to trust, and neither the victims nor the murderer can escape.

My Review:  A good story line, however, I found the bouncing around in the numerous chapters a little confusing.  Good job in keeping the mystery going clear to the end of the story.