Monday, July 11, 2011

Hide Yourself Away by Mary Jane Clark 2011 - 35

Completed July 2011

Just hours before the KEY News crew arrives for their broadcasts from Newport, the skeleton of a socialite who disap-peared fourteen years ago is found in a dank tunnel beneath a famous mansion. When one of the KEY interns is killed in a car accident and another disappears, this year’s crop of fledgling journalists are targets, including Grace Callahan, who must face the real danger that lies hidden in an otherwise idyllic town. But can she uncover a murderer who does not want the secrets buried beneath the city’s fabled mansions to come to light.

My Review:  Reading this book out of order was a little confusing but what a great story line in the Key to America series.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.

Dying for Mercy by Mary Jane Clark 2011 - 34

Completed July 2011

Attending a lavish gala at her friends’ estate, Pentimento, in exclusive Tuxedo Park, New York, Eliza’s host is found dead -- a grotesque suicide that is the first act in a macabre and intricately conceived plan to expose sins of the past involving some of the park’s most revered citizens. Eliza and her KEY news colleagues discover that Pentimento holds the key. The mansion is actually a giant “puzzle house,” with ingenious clues hidden in its fireplaces, fountains, and frescoes leading the “Sunrise Suspense Society” from one suspicious locale to another -- and, one by one, to the victims of a fiendish killer.

My Review:  Another great story in the KTA mystery series.  Had me guess almost up to the end.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard 2011 - 33

Completed July 2011

WHISPER NO LIES is another thrilling instalment from Cindy Gerard's Black-Ops series and with each book better than the last this is a great ride. Skilfully whisking us away to yet another exotic location Gerard gives us a kick butt heroine this time to go along with the daring roof top rescues, shootouts, explosions and boat chases. We also get the sweetest of love stories between a couple that never expected to find it especially with each other. Of course the entire team turns up so there's also some great secondary characters who when tied together with an international crime lord and human trafficking give you everything you could possibly want in romantic suspense.

Crystal and Johnny as our heroes were first introduced to us in TAKE NO PRISONERS and have in fact been sleeping together ever since which is part of what makes this story so interesting. I've never read a romance before where the couple is already together and wondered how the author was going to make it exciting without the usual build up to "the deed" Well let me tell you Gerard manages and then some. This is one exciting couple and watching them try to keep things casual when emotions take over is a lot of fun. The first time they do `it' with feeling there are tender looks and words and then when each subsequently freaks out you'll laugh but your heart strings will give a little tug too.

When a wealthy Asian man propositions Crystal at the Vegas casino she manages she flat out refuses and immediately puts the strange man and his cronies out of her mind. I mean it's not like men don't hit on her all the time besides right now her hands are full with Texan heartbreaker Johnny Reed. His mystery job has him out of town again which suits Crystal just fine because as good as the sex is and as much as she likes him she knows Johnny will never be anything more than just a fling. That night however sees Crystal getting kidnapped and when she wakes up in Jakarta Indonesia, branded and a prisoner in Yao's white slavery ring she knows she`s in serious trouble. Now if she only knew someone who could rescue her, someone with say military training and a whole team to back him up.

Despite his flirty grin and playboy ways Johnny can't get Crystal off his mind, damn if that little pixie hasn't found a way into his closed off heart. When she goes missing its up to Johnny to get the BOI's together and lead a potential suicide mission into Yao's lair to rescue her and likely ruin his carefree heartbreaker act in the process.  (

My Review:  Excellent book from a new author.  Really enjoyed the characters.